Woodbine Beach - Sailing Vessel Tow

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Task number #0785
Starts at Saturday, 12 June, 2021 - 14:42
Ends at Saturday, 12 June, 2021 - 16:44
Duration 2 hours 2 min

Woodbine Beach - Sailing Vessel Tow

Do to lack of wind the owner started up the engine to motor back to Bluffers.  Smoke was noticed shortly after coming from the cabin of the boat.  He shut the engine off and called a mayday over VHF ch16.  Smoke dissipated - TPS arrived on scene followed by us.
Four persons on board not wearing life jackets.....when we asked them to put PFD's on they informed us they only had one on board.  We provided three PFD's for the tow back to Bluffers.  
Tow terminated outside entrance to Bluffers where the club vessel continued the tow into dock.  

GAR 13 - Green
CCGA Protocols were followed

Link to SMS Report

Time Event
14:42 mayday relay heard over ch16 - vessel on fire off Woodbine Beach
14:57 called Prescott to advise we are in the area - instructed to proceed to the location of vessel on fire
15:06 on scene - TPS already on scene
15:09 Reported to Prescott - no injuries, 4 persons on board
15:12 Instructed to tow vessel back to Bluffers Marina
15:15 TFS boat arrived on scene
15:23 towing waiver signed
15:36 underway with vessel Ms Ham in tow to Bluffers
15:41 sitrep - ETA provided
16:43 vessel under tow handed over to Bluffers Club boat to be taken into dock
17:26 Secured back at FBYC
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