Investigate rowboat towing sailboat

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Task number #0607
Starts at Tuesday, 8 September, 2020 - 20:22
Ends at Tuesday, 8 September, 2020 - 21:57
Duration 1 hour 35 min

Investigate rowboat towing sailboat

Tasked to investigate vessel under tow by row boat off of Petticoat Creek in Pickering. Tasked to go to Rouge River area and if nothing spotted to head back into FB Marina to see if any vessels were towed in there.

After checking out the lake and then Tenkey marina, asked by JRCC to check out FBYC.

Back at FBYC we talked to someone at club who seemed to feel it was the sailing school towing in a vessel with one of their RHIBs.

PARU stood down.

GAR Score - 19 GREEN

Covid-19 protocols followed. All crew screened clear

Link to SMS Report

Time Event
2029 Tasked to investigate vessel under-tow by row boat
2054 Contact Prescott on 16 to confirm departing from dock (nothing heard)
2055 Depart FBYC
2058 Call Prescott on Phone to confirm departure and updated to search to Rouge River
2107 Phone update to Prescott we will be investigating vessel on water then if nothing heading back to FB marina
2113 43 degrees, 46.44 N, 079 degrees 07.893 W (0.4 nm off of Port Union) and turning around back to tenkey marina
2118 43 degrees, 47.100 N, 079 degrees 06.842 W, stop to talk to vessel to see if they have spotted anything
2134 16/27 confirm with Prescott nothing spotted at tenkey marina
2138 16 / 27 / Phone asked to check out FBYC
2154 Confirm with Prescott (16 / 27), after investigating FBYC and talking to a member that vessel was likely the sailing school towing in a sailboat
2156 Docked at FBYC
2157 Stood down by JRCC


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