42ft Cabin Cruiser Disabled 12 nm South of Oshawa

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Task number #0548
Starts at Sunday, 23 August, 2020 - 21:21
Ends at Sunday, 23 August, 2020 - 05:06
Duration 16 hours 15 min

42ft Cabin Cruiser Disabled 12 nm South of Oshawa

Boat contact - Dave 416 219  8841. 3 POB. Vessel name "Alter Ego". Engine trouble. Approximately 12nm South of Oshawa. 43 44.35N 78 38.011W. home port Bluffers Park Marina

GAR Score: 26 Amber

All Covid 19 protocols maintained. All crew screened clear

Link to SMS Report

Time Event
21:56 Checked in with Control
21:58 Departed FBYC
22:05 Exited FB Channel
22:06 Checked in with PCGR. ETA 45
22:10 Established contact with contact via cell
22:15 Checked with PARA OPS. email sent to exec
22:55 Arrived onscene. located vessel NE of original position
23:01 Onscene. Notified PCGR, Requested and received permission to Tow
23:03 Contacted boat via cell. Read abbreviated towing waiver (Templin). Witness (Thomson). Owner Accepted
23:08 Setup tow. 300ft of line
23:33 Notified PCGR, vessel under tow. ETA Port Whitby Marina 03:30
23:58 12,29 nm to PWM. Revised ETA 02:43. Position 43 46.35N 78.39.70W
00:48 Position 43 47.38N 28 44.09W
01:15 Contaced boat via cell. Confirmed all is well.
01:30 Position 43 48.21N 78 48.033W
03:00 South of PWM channel. Shorten tow to 100ft
03:10 Vessel now secured alongside PARU, starboard side
03:50 Docked at PWM gas dock, port side to. released vessel and relocated vessel to gas dock ahead of PARU. Waivers signed
03:57 Notified PCGR docked at PWM
04:14 Departed PWM for FBYC
04:23 Radio PCGR RTB ETA 0515
04:47 1.5nm S of FB channel
04:52 Entered FB channel
05:06 Docked at FBYC. Radio PCGR secured at FBYC.
05:19 Checked out with Control; email to exec
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